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Testimonial from the founder of Silvermoon Restoratives

It’s been brought to my attention that people would like to hear my personal testimonial of how Silvermoon Restorative’s Skin & Tissue Repair Serum works for me.  Little did I know back in 2013, when I first began developing our Skin & Tissue Repair Serum, that I would be creating a product that would a game changer for my skin, my health, and my lifestyle.  I literally use this serum for everything!!!  I happen to be accident-prone,  so I’ve saved myself from many scars especially those that can be incurred from burns and cold sores.  I have been prone to cold sores since I was about 5 or 6 years old.  They are ugly, humiliating, and excruciatingly painful.  I use the serum regularly on a daily basis for its’s skin nourishing benefits, and the fact that I’ve learned that with daily use I can keep the cold sores away makes me a happy lady. Several of the ingredients in the Skin & Tissue Repair Serum are anti-viral.  If I feel a tingle, I apply serum immediately.  It’s safe to use the serum inside the mouth and nose, as well.  In fact, this last flu I had caused a cold sore to form from deep inside my nose that ate away a chunk of cartilage in my septum.  However, with regular use of the serum, the hole filled in and I have no scar.  I’ve never had anything take the pain away from a cold sore, but this serum takes the pain down FAST.   Now,  I’ve mixed my serum with distilled water to use as a nose spray, and this last cold/flu I came down with has not resulted in a giant cold sore…YAY!!!! 

Another benefit of daily use, one that I advertise, is that old scars I incurred in a car accident from face diving thru a windshield had been pink FOREVER (the scar on the bridge of my nose in particular), and I always would wear concealer, at least on my nose.  Now those scars have completely faded to white, are much flatter, and it has also helped the glass resurface and exit from my skin.  I still have some chunks of glass here and there, but they are deep.  One day they’ll unexpectedly pop out.  Sometimes they try to surface and a nice black and blue bruise will appear, or a little pustule that looks like a zit, but when you try and pop it you realize quickly that it’s glass trying to surface. Daily use of the Skin & Tissue Repair serum helps them heal quickly.  I rarely break out anymore, either. When I do it’s very small and heals quickly. My pores have shrunk, my skin is tighter, breakouts are rare, and I no longer have to wear concealer.  In fact, I choose not to wear concealer, foundation, or powder, so my skin can breathe and I can show it off ;) Most people do a double take when I tell them my age which makes me pretty happy.

I use the Skin & Tissue Repair Serum regularly for pain & inflammation in my neck, and my lower back.  I have bad whiplash still to this day.  The serum helps with easing the pain and quickly bringing down the inflammation.  I’ve used it several times now to bring down swelling and fever from the cold/flu. It’s a first response for bug bites, cat scratches, and any weird rashes that show up.  Any skin issue that comes about, I quickly apply the Skin & Tissue Repair Serum, and it quickly goes away even after literally slamming the tips of my middle finger and ring finger in the car door.  I had to open the door to get them out! OUCH!!  I applied serum immediately and frequently until the pain subsided, which took a couple of days, but my nails never bruised nor fell off, as would be the typical situation. 

I’ve rescued myself with the Skin & Tissue Repair Serum so many times, I’ve lost count.  I guess you could say in a way that I became my own hero, and figured out a way to replace all the unnecessary products in the medicine cabinet, such as wound ointment, zit cream, isopropyl alcohol/hydrogen peroxide, anti-itch cream, age defying creams, cuticle cream, cold sore cream, bug spray, hand sanitizer, and even the pain relief creams because I no longer have any use for them.  Because of this serum, I am much more confident in showing off my skin, and no longer need to hide my face from the world during the winter months due to painful, ugly cold sores.  I am fully confident in dealing with any injury whether it’s damaged skin or tissue, or both.  I know that my Skin & Tissue Repair Serum will bring it back to good, and FAST.


Amber Dawn Powell

Founder/Chief Alchemist @ Silvermoon Restoratives

Amber Dawn Powell