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How it all began…

This is a before and after of my face several years ago after doing a head dive thru a windshield from the backseat of a car in a 50 mph head on collision. First of all we were lucky to have survived. A plastic surgeon came in to do my stitches, and sent me home telling me I would need to come back in for a skin graft, to keep the wounds clean with hydrogen peroxide, and stay out of the sun for 2 years. Little did I know at that time that hydrogen peroxide causes more scarring. Thankfully, my cousin brought me this flowering herb oil that was primarily, #stjohnswort oil. She told me to use it twice a day after I cleaned my wounds. Two weeks later the skin grew back on it's own, and I never needed a skin graft. When I researched St. John's Wort in my Master Esthetician course I learned that it penetrates into the dermis and stimulates collagen and elastin production (the building blocks of our skin) and calms/heals nerve endings. This is why St. John's Wort oil is a key ingredient in my Skin & Tissue Repair formula. Also when I woke up the next day from coming home from the hospital, I could not move at all. I couldn't even feed myself. When my cousin came a few days later, she also brought some pure lavender essential oil. She put it into her hands and rubbed it into my skin from head to toe. I was up walking before she left. It took my muscles right out of shock. Hence why lavender is also a key ingredient in my formula. I use lavender spike oil as it has more pain relief benefits from natural occurring camphor in this type of lavender. Ever since that accident, I became fascinated with essential oils, herbs, and natural healing. Several years later here I am sharing my story and my serum that was created based off of that experience and all the knowledge I have acquired since. I had red raised scars for a long time that I always would put on concealer and powder to hide, and ever since I started using my serum religiously morning and night, my scars are completely white and smooth. I no longer wear foundation or concealer. I love showing off my skin  It is my goal to help you fall in love with your skin, too.  ~Amber Dawn Powell, Founder and Chief Alchemist of Silvermoon Restoratives