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Magnesium Duo

Magnesium Duo

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Magnesium is the most essential nutrient for our body right behind oxygen and Vitamin D,  It's responsible for over 300 different functions in our systems.  Getting magnesium through our skin is the best as our skin will only take what it needs, there will be no malabsorbtion issues, nor any chance of getting too much.  The Magnesium Duo includes a 4oz spray of Nerve Calm ( an aoe vera/magnesium base with herbal and essential oils) focused on calming and relaxing the nerves, aiding in relief of stress/anxiety, and even helping you get a better night's rest, and a 4oz spray of Joint & Muscle Rejuvenator (an aloe vera/magnesium base with a specified blend of herbal and essential oils) that aid relieving pain and inflammation and rejuvenating tired, worn out muscles and joints.  Can be used together or separately.

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